“Bombogenesis” is a typhoon’s low pressure remnants that slam into Arctic Circle cold air, resulting in a pool ball effect pushing polar air south across the globe. 60F temperature drops in a single day throughout the central USA. Record cold breaking 1880’s temperature records was the result along with record snows as deep as 127cm/50 inches.

The world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change http://www.wattsupwiththat.com
Rolf Witzsche http://ice-age-ahead-iaa.ca/
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Temperature Charts
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Cyclone Nuri went so high in the north, because the polar vortex is blocked on the eastern Siberia.
Ice pdf http://ice-glaces.ec.gc.ca/prods/NAIS25WCT/20141115180000_NAIS25WCT_0007968110.pdf
http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/wyoming-colorado-exceptional-cold-nuri/37351786? (60 below Normal)
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500mb Charts http://weather.unisys.com/upper_air/hemisphere.php
500mb Charts University of Pennsylvania http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ewalltropmain.html
A closed low indicates a pool of colder air surrounded by warmer air. Notice that the height contours on a 500 mb map are generally in the range 4600 – 6000 meters.
Temperature readings http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ewalleur.html
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Ex-Typhoon Nuri Bombs to 924 mb in Bering Sea
Lowest ever http://www.weather.com/news/weather-hurricanes/bering-sea-superstorm-alaska-aleutians-20141105

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  • Note: Temperature anomaly charts reflect temperature departures from normal, not actual surface temperatures.

    Also, the solar cycle is a minimal player in global temperatures. The cool down during the Maunder minimum was accompanied by increased volcanic activity which itself is a much bigger player.

    Our current record heat (2015-16) is due to the El Nino on top of CO2 warming. The Sun's recent slowdown in activity is nothing more than background noise.

    While science can be entertaining (and hopefully is), it cannot be based on entertainment, it must be based on facts.

  • The sun cooling cycle is nothing new.In 1650 to 1770 we have small cooling,that was extreme for about 30 years in the middle.The last 100% solar wind output from sun corona was on the record in 1989,sense then is going down fast.The sciences personal says that they hope that by 2030 it may hit only 10% output,they are in a prayer mode that the sun corona that is cold burning plasma will not go off,if it be gone the sun it self will not be shoot down we just are not going to see it.We do see the sun,just the burning its plasma corona cover,the sun in side is dark,like black space. The sun in side is 2000C hoter than its corona,its electrical induct event, there could be lack of light and the heat will not emitted, if the ex solar winds will go off. So its going to get cold.Any way our solar system its a cold one look at the charts.The average C above 0 its only at the peaks that last about 10K years,the rest of the time in a scale from 100 to 0 it goes down 50% and hits 0,- and sometimes stay there.0 is at the scale that average temperature on the Earth equator will be 5C.This was the read out from Ice samples cut from the time of the last long Ice Age.-BAD.Lets hope that we just are going to hit that small cooling from 17-18 century again. If not,well I think that we know that we can not do anything about it.Human race survived last Ice age.

  • The infrastructure is breaking  down right now in new England i have relatives in mass. They have big problems right now  nowhere to put the existing snow lots of schools, business closed for days, town and city budgets depleted with less revenue coming in with people not working . if we get one 2 in rain storm all the flat roofs will begin collapsing.  then when spring comes its going to be a major flood events on many of the rivers unless we luck out and it all melts slowly. its not as bad but its getting close in Conn but there is lot more of winter left .

  • Update from As-Sulaymaniyah, Iraq:

    15 cm of snow fell yesterday for the first time since the 1970s.

  • Hi Cindy,yes I am,but so many strange events globally  its tough to keep up. Snows in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt. Plus snow in the desert USA and all time record snows in Switzerland.  

  • CO2 and global pollution evens out each other to some extent, the problem is what happens to the extra amount of energy in the system, how it will affect the climate, the extra 120 ppm of CO2 makes a lot of extra energy trapped in the climate.

  • Hi Frank, yes Rolf Witzsche is a great resource base of information, I highly recommend anyone just learning about this subject of Mini Ice Ages and how they occur to read or watch his many videos. It seems we are heading right into a cooling period right now.

  • Hello, I'm from Belgium, West Europe. In Europe are is most of the time more normal weather. But we are very strict in Europe about mother nature. Green energy. Sorting the trash. Like plastic, paper, metal etc. Many campeigns, strict rules for cars etc… Is this also in America? Cause in Europe we belive that some habits like this could change mother nature. Thanks for the video. I heard yesterday on the radio 1m 60 snow. New record and today also much snow. Stay strong! And don't drink too many alcohol or you'll die in the cold!

  • Hey Adapt 2030, this is right in line with what Rolf Witzsche is saying regarding sun cycles and the coming ice age. Very interesting stuff here: http://ice-age-ahead-iaa.ca/

    He's predicting that the Earth will be cast into the next ice age in about 30 to 40 years, at which point the sun will "shut down" and produce only about 30% of it's current output, and that this will happen rather quickly, possibly in the space of just a few hours or days.

    Have you ever checked out his work?

  • Hey Adapt have you seen any of Guy Mcphersen's vids on youtube? His findings show we have blown past 40 neg. feedback loopsin the last 4 tears,. Whats you feedback on his take Thanks

  • "When will a larger percentage of the population become aware of the completely engineered erratic weather? At what point will the public be inclinec"When will a larger percentage of the population become aware of the completely engineered erratic weather? At what point will the public be inclined confront the “experts”, corporate media and agencies that are lying to us about the ongoing climate modification reality? What agendas are being carried out when large scale engineered storms are orchestrated? Whatever the answers to these questions, what is certain is that climate modification is completely out of control all over the globe."
    Dane Wigington

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